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Cheese Grits, Fast Women and Paula Deen

Posted By on January 21, 2012 in Blog, Chatter | 0 comments

Mmm…. cheese grits for dinner. So warm, so comforting and they stick to the spoon just like my Grammie’s. Rest assured I did not try to pass those off as dinner for RJ. He was at a work dinner. He doesn’t love them like I do, and I tease him that it’s because he’s a “genetic yankee”. {His people are from Illinois.} But he’s a Southern boy, for sure – a bass fishing, pork loving, UGA cheering, bow-tie wearing, farm visiting, slightly accented good ol’ boy. He was also born in Louisiana, so I also tease him about being a Cajun, he does mumble quite a bit, making him hard to understand. My teasing hits both ends of the spectrum.

I’m not much of a media consumer as far as news and pseudo-news. I’m not too into TV or radio and I more or less choose most of the media interactions I have. However, I’ve heard about this thing with Paula Deen, about her diabetes! And the commentary {why are we even talking about this?} is at both ends of the spectrum, too. I agree that we all saw it coming and that she doesn’t make anyone eat her food. I also agree that Southern food is so much more than just what she chooses to cook. Here’s a good article from one of my favorite chefs about PD’s diagnosis and what it says, or doesn’t say, about Southern food.

I like Hugh just fine and I’m more than happy to claim him as an honorary Southerner. He’s done a lot for bringing the fresh back to Southern cooking and his recipes are spot on. But babydoll, if I want cheese grits, fried okra and a cathead biscuit, it’s going to happen. It just doesn’t happen every day. And um, no fried butter for me. Like ever.

So, I don’t think PD’s the devil, or the harbinger of the demise of Western Civilization. I like her alright, too, and one of my absolute favorite recipes is one of hers. And, despite what Hugh-baby says, this website?┬áTotally funny. My point is: As with strong drink, cigars and fast women, practice moderation. And be nice to each other.