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Food Review – Glazed – Charleston, SC

Posted By on November 17, 2011 in Reviews | 2 comments

Food Review – Glazed – Charleston, SC

We were in Charleston because RJ had a company conference there… and we *may* have completely eaten our way through the city. Such a lovely town, such nice people. I told RJ if we ever had to move, I could maybe-just-maybe live in Charleston. Or Paris. But that’s it.

My friend Leah + I tried to go to this new donut shoppe, Glazed, twice. It was sold out both times! So RJ and I went back as soon as they opened the next day. It’s new and they’re still figuring out how many donuts the whole of Charleston can eat.

The lady taking our order was the mother of one of the owners, a girlfriend/boyfriend team with a dream. They handmake the dough each morning, which is unheard of. And it totally makes a difference. The crazy flavors also make a difference. Big. HUGE.

We got 4 donuts and you betcher breeches we ate them all in one sitting. I nearly passed out from carbs and happiness.

RJ had the Raspberry Glazed which was made with real raspberries, and the Pumpkin Glazed. It was way better than I expected, very moist and spiced. Both were extremely good. When I say that, I am thinking less of “better than Dunkin Donuts” and more of “as good as a pastry shoppe”.

My choices were even better – Maple Bacon + Purple Goat. Maple Bacon was like breakfast on the end of my fork – tender donut meat {teehee, that made me giggle}, succulent maple glazing, and small bacon chunks that were so crispy they disintegrated in my mouth. So perfect.

The Purple Goat… I’ll start with the outer glazing, it had real lavender buds sprinkled in it. {You can see the buds in the picture.} The filling was a purple mixture of berry puree and goat cheese. It sounds strange {which you know I like} and the mix of herby lavender and sweet berry and earthy goat cheese, all enveloped in a buttery, soft pillow of a donut was just insane.

I want to eat breakfast here every day.

L-R - Raspberry, Maple Bacon, Pumpkin Glazed + Purple Goat.

PS – There’s also a good indie donut shoppe in Atlanta – Sublime Donuts. Incidentally, the owner once worked at Flowers Baking Co. which is headquartered here in Thomasville. Sublime has it’s own thing going on, with fun flavors and names, but the dough at Glazed it noticeably better…}







  1. Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts December 2, 2011

    Jill showed us your blog post. So glad you made it in early and enjoyed the doughnuts! We will be happy to serve you breakfast everyday :)

    Thanks for visiting!

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