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Maya Walks By

Posted By on June 4, 2014 in Blog, Writing | 0 comments

Maya Walks By

A passel of intentions

Careen thru the night sky

Like the flotilla of clouds gliding

In the space above my house

Between the roofs and the leaves

Tickling my chimney, tucking in my neighbor’s

Telling us to sleep tightly

Near strangling, but just enough breath

To whisper famous last words

About the perils of pixie haircuts

And how ciggies make your boobs sag

An armada of secrets swept up

Packaged neatly and catalogued, filed away for somenever

Unless we breathe them out, mist them

Over night blooming gardens

They’re destined for farther shores

The ones we’ll reach by balloon

Lifting off from Belgian skies

With tin music and twin birds

And a friend who touches bone