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On Infertility

Posted By on June 3, 2014 in Blog, Chatter | 0 comments

I’m a curious person and it’s ok if you are, too. So, it’s totally ok if you’ve always wondered why we don’t have children. We have so many sweet friends who are sensitive about our childlessness – from telling us about their pregnancy privately to clarifying statements made in casual conversation. We are so blessed to have friends who care so much and who empathize with us. I adore you, even if your loving concern is nearly wasted on my unaffected self. I promise, we’re really ok! And I hope that all childless couples have such wonderful friends.

There are many, many people who long to have children, and who are devastated when their dream doesn’t turn into reality. When we found out that a childhood surgery left RJ unable to have children, we were heartbroken. We cried when we told our closest friends. But we just kept coming back to the fact that we are so incredibly happy with our lives. We don’t wait for something to “make” us happy, we choose to be happy. As I once read, in relation to an image of a Barbie doll: Rip your own head off. Amen, I say.

We have so many fulfilling relationships with friends and family. We’ve had so many adventures and experiences, and more in the works. We have been able to craft a life that we absolutely love living. We came to the conclusion that if we never have children, if it’s just not in the cards, we’re fine. Infertility has to happen to someone, right? That someone is us, and you just have to take your lumps.

Both of us have always wanted a big family, and it may still happen. We’re going the scientific route, and we’ll see where that leads. We’re open to adoption. We’re open to fostering. In general, we’re just kinda open. The more time goes by, the harder it gets for me to fathom that I could possibly be any happier than I am with Mr. Byrne Himself and a house full of dogs. RJ is enough for me, and if that’s all I ever get, I am one lucky gal. He’s my best friend, a gentleman, a comedian and all the family I’ll ever need. And I’ve got some damn good dogs.

Someday in the future, you may see me posting about test tube babies, or black market babies, or just puppy-babies. But we really are ok. Your happy bundles aren’t grieving us in the small hours, and we’re not pained by your preggersness. We love you and your lives, just as they happen. And we love ours that way, too.

Here’s to babies and puppies, and to each his own!