Bunny Byrne {center} is a journalist, failed landscape painter and feminist collage artist. She lives in Charleston, South Carolina, with her husband and their identical twin girls.

Bunny likes taxidermy, layer cakes and anything a little bit creepy. She bikes through Downtown Charleston with her twins in the Bike Bus, and is a frequent lecturer on the connoisseurship of macarons and the fine art of lunching. She holds a journalism degree from UGA, founded The Thomasville Townie newspaper and has a zero tolerance policy toward the Oxford comma. She’s fond of pearls and delivering scathing looks from across the party.

You can reach her at bunnybyrne@gmail.com.

Bunny is currently working on freelance essays, corporate copywriting and short film project. Her evenings are spent patching up a crumbling yellow Charleston Single on Ashley Avenue.

She’s recently been published in: Cafe Mom, Charleston City Paper, The Billfold and has an essay forthcoming at The Compact.

Previous work has been published in: Stationery Trends, Thom, Swink Magazine, Thomasville Magazine, Lipstick, RochelleNicole, Atlanta Golf Magazine, Georgia Golf Guide, a show at the Thomasville Center for the Arts and 2 books in the collection of the Brooklyn Art Library {The Pirate Hearts and A Death in France}.  Her blog + newspaper  The Thomasville Townie has been featured in Southern Living.